GUNBUS - Clemens Leonhardt

Leonhardt Manufacturing is specialized for the design and realization of innovative ideas. Extraordinary technical solutions are considered a challenge, whereas main emphasis is put on unique and individual designs, vehicle conversions and vehicle constructions, as well as engine revisions and –repairs.

The manual fabrication of special vehicle components in the fields of welding, casting, metal shaping and metal cutting are additional fundamental elements of Leonhardt Manufacturing, who also produce series parts for the industry.

A remarkable network of experts, that has been growing for years, qualifies Leonhardt Manufacturing to meet the individual demands and expectations of an international clientele. This is why the experts of the motor racing scene, car designers and investors, consider Clemens Leonhardt, the founder of the company, as the competent partner to contact. And the collectors of classic automobiles, motorcycles and aeroplanes as well appreciate Clemens Leonhardt as a highly experienced and excellent technician and master craftsman.

The development of the high-piston-capacity, V2-engine laid the foundation for the creation of the most unusual motorcycle: The GUNBUS 410. At the beginning of 2008, the prototype was finally presented to the public. Starting in 2009, this absolutely incredible motorcycle will be manufactured and assembled in a small series.

Leonhardt Manufacturing is constantly designing and working on new ideas. And, of course, we are prepared to accept new projects and challenges at any time.