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Leonhardt - Leistungsangebot

Leonhardt - Services

Leonhardt - Services

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Leonhardt Manufacturing - this name is well known, especially among the experts of the motor racing scene. Since the early 1970ies, we have successfully devoted ourselves to the designing and manufacturing of very special vehicles. Moreover, we are specialized in motorcycle conversions, engine overhauling and -repairs, as well as in performance improvement.

Therefore, years of experience, combined with our true passion for engines, make our craftsmanship so outstanding and unique.

Individual Services:

Car- and motorcycle conversions according to customers’ requirement

  • Frame conversions
  • Engine tune-up
  • Chassis optimization
  • The entire welding work, including aluminium
  • Manufacturing of cast parts, turned parts and milled parts
  • Mechanical treatment

Engine overhauling and -repair

  • Revision of racing -and sports engines, particularly PORSCHE-engines
  • Aspirated engines (suction engines) and turbo-engines
  • Overhauling with final performance test
  • Preparation of technical reports
  • Technical engine servicing and support at racing events

Performance improvement

  • Cylinder head optimization
  • Cubic/piston capacity extension
  • Dimensioning of turbo-superchargers and charging control
  • Mechanical supercharging

Performance diagram adaptation

  • Adjustment of performance diagrams to modified mechanical conditions
  • Precision tuning on performance bench
  • Attachment of additionally required sensory analysis device


  • Construction and fabrication of exhaust systems
  • Dimensioning and manufacturing of crankshafts, connecting rods and valves
  • Manufacturing and treatment of crankcases
  • Manufacturing of all cast parts, milled parts and turned parts according to sample pieces, drawings or individual construction