Grafik oben





Due to its imposing size and its quite superior design reminding of the sports-cars of the 20s, this open roadster, Leonhardt, revives the complete fascination and charm of pre-war vehicles.

Considering it a new challenge, we decided to develop and construct such a vehicle – especially for the enthusiasts and adorers of retro-style automobiles, which are radiating the aura of those days.

Meanwhile the original cars have reached 70 to 80 years of age. They usually require a careful treatment as well as permanent care and maintenance work, and handling an original old roadster is often more or less inconvenient.

Besides that, the sourcing of an original exemplar appears to be rather difficult and really expensive at times.

Because of the distinctive retro-design, Leonhardt is not even nearly comparable with any other exhibition piece available on the market these days!

The powerful 30 litre V12 engine, fancy big wheels, a long hood as well as a luxurious cockpit furnished with high-class material leads the driver to believe that he or she is riding in a car with a magnetic pull.

As a result of the tremendous motor torque and the solid mass which is moved, you will definitely enjoy this very particular driving experience which will leave a lasting impression on you.

And without any doubt, the deep sound of the engine combined with the imposing appearance of this automobile indulges the senses of those people loving cars from this era.

Each unique model created in our manufacture is a completely new construction produced by highly qualified professionals within approximately 12 months. Customized models are realized as far as practicable.